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      Thanks for visiting this PE Web Site; as this is where you can check out what we'll be doing in PE classes.  We'll also post downloadable forms from time to time, as well as, a copy of our policies.   

      Thanks again for visiting our PE web site.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us by clicking on the icon or call any member of our staff at school.  We'll get back to  you ASAP. 

Quincy Jr. High Comets
Mr. Walker hitting yet another Homerun!
      Throughout the year this site should act as a resource for you.  We'll post information regarding what's happening in PE class, upcoming school events, web polls, newsletters, and much more.  We appreciate your patience while this site continues to build.  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas; please contact any member of the PE staff or click here to e-mail your thoughts.  Thanks for visiting and good luck this school year!
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       At the Open House in September, we reviewed our grading policy and expectations.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any PE staff member. 
One of the biggest questions we always seem to get centers around "dressing out" and the ability to make up the points lost on that day.  We currently have in place several options for any student to make up for a no-dress.  Each student will know their daily responsibilities and expectations.   As a staff, we try to be flexible and work with the obvious situations that arise from day to day.  Basically all we're requiring from each student is 4 things. 

(1) Dress out  (2) Be on time  (3) Apply effort  &  (4) Be Respectful 
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If "You" were the PE Teacher; Which of the following choices would you consider the Most Important?Improvement with your skill level (motor/nonmotor)
Better balance and overall coordination
Better social skills (interaction with others)
Better understanding of Healthy Choices/Lifestyles
Building self-esteem and confidence though activity
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Mr. Shelor's  Annual QJHS 
Table Tennis Tournament

Thanks Mr. Shelor for sponsoring the event!  It's a lot of fun!
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  The physical education and administrative staff at QJHS believes that physical education                          is a process of developing the knowledge and skills necessary to make and implement healthy lifestyle choices.

Recent scientific evidence has shown that regular physical activity is essential to sound health and wellness.  Every person can enjoy physical activity and can achieve adequate fitness that will be beneficial to their health.  At QJHS our focus is on helping learners make informed decisions that will aid them both now and in the future.

No two people have the same needs and interests, however, it's our intent to offer and maintain a program that stresses the need for some form of activity.  In order to be active, it is necessary that each student be prepared to participate in our daily scheduled activity.  That includes the responsibility of having the proper clothing and the willingness to join in.

Lower on the web site is a copy of our dressing out policy that you can download.  Please look it over and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.  Below is our phone number at QJHS along with our extension numbers.  Thank you for your support of the physical education program here at QJHS. 

QJHS Phone # 228-7189

Ms. Mapes # 1249       Mr. Young # 1248      Mrs. Bearden #5249       
      Mr. Rowatt # 5248      Mr. Walker # 1342    
News from our PE Staff @ QJHS.
Which Baseball Team do you like better?Chicago Cubs
St. Louis Cardinals
2015-16 Table Tennis Tournament 

The Champions from each grade level competed against each other to determine the ALL-SCHOOL Table Tennis Champion. 

All School Champion

7th Grade
2nd   TBA
3rd  TBA
4th  TBA
5th  TBA
6th  TBA

8th Grade
2nd   TBA
3rd  TBA
4th  TBA
5th  TBA
6th  TBA
9th Grade
2nd   TBA
3rd  TBA
4th  TBA
5th  TBA
6th  TBA
Who is the Best Table Tennis Player among the Teachers?Ms. Mapes
Mr. Walker
Mrs. Bearden
Mr. Rowatt
Mr. Shelor
Mr. Young
I can do anything!
Look what I learned in Gym Class! Thank you!
Mrs. Mapes is an Awesome Teacher!
I'm doing my Best, and feeling good about myself! Thanks Mrs. Bearden for all of your help!
Mr. Youngblood taught me these moves; He's the Man!
8, 9, 10, 11, ... Never Quit; Always do your Best!
12, 13, 14, 15, ... Fitness is AWESOME!
Mr. Young demonstrating proper Technique.
Ms. Mapes is the Best!  Look at the technique she taught me!
This is so COOL!
Let's Play!  Who will win the Title This Year?
WE  LOVE  BOWLING!  Thanks Turner Hall (Buda Bowl)!
Look What Ms. Mapes Scored @ Buda-Bowl!
Fitness is Awesome!  Are you Ready for some fun?
I love to run.
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At Quincy Jr. High School, each student is Respectful, Responsible, On time, and Prepared to learn in the classrooms where diverse needs are addressed and students are challenged to become lifelong learners.
Thanks Turner Hall for allowing us to use your lanes!   Your Partnership means a lot to us!